LED TV PROBLEMS AND KNOW HOW TO SOLVE IT.(All new 6 tips and tricks)

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Imagine you are about to start watching your favourite shows with your family then surprisingly your tv started acting like mad.imagine the movement when you and your family doesn’t know what to do just sit in the sofas frustration and mood off. In this blog post we’ll guide you how to solve common problems in your tvs. So lets started the blog and back the entertainment in your life.

Problems and their solutions:

1.LED Tv won’t turn on:

  • Make sure the power line is attached to the TV and the socket.
  • Use different power sockets to avoid electric power issues.
  • After these if your tv doesn’t start then you have to Replace the remote’s batteries to test it, or use a universal remote.
  • when everything else fails, just press the TV’s power button to see whether it’s simply stuck.

2.No image,but the sound works:

Sometime when we switching on the tv the tv screen doesn’t shows anything but blank and same time the sound system is working. Nothing to worry about it might be very easy to fix.Just follow some points:

  • Verify the HDMI, AV, or other input source is connected to the correct place.
  • To see if the problem is with the same device, try connecting another device to the TV in this way we know is there anything problem with the first device.
  • Always remember there is a chance that may the screen of the tv is dead so try to get a mechanic to repair the tv.
Led tv solve common problems

3.Poor Picture Quality:

If the quality of picture in your tv is blur or very poor then you have to follows these steps to solve the problem of your tv.

  • The visual mode (such as Standard, Cinema, or Game) can be changed to your preference by checking the TV’s display settings.
  • Switchoff any unnecessary picture quality processing features that might causes the problem in your tv.
  • Always make sure that your paid steaming service or your local cable box working properly and provide the best picture quality otherwise call the customer service to provide your the best picture quality.

4.Tv keep shutting down:

If your tv continuesly shutting down then you have to consider many thing that’s why your will be shutting down continuously.

  • Make sure the area around the TV is properly ventilated because overheating can cause automatic shutdowns.
  • Make sure your TV’s sleep timer is not switch off at perticular hour by checking the settings in the menu.
  • Check the remote for stuck buttons because one of them could be sending the power-off signal.

5.Unclean Sound:

Sometime in tv shows good quality images but sound quality is worst but we can solve them too.

  • Make sure that the audio cables are properly connected and they are not damaged.
  • Check your TV’s sound settings to see if there may be some changes .
  • whenever you are using external speakers make sure they are well connected and not damaged.

6.Remote control problems:

sometime we think that the problem created by the Tv but actually sometimes real problems created by the remote.Here are some points to solve the remote control problems.

  • There is a sensor in a Tv as well as in remote check and make sure that wheather there are anything in between the sensor light.
  • Always check TV’s manual or remote’s manual to apply the settings in correct way.
Remotes to solve common led tv problems


Solve the common problems of the LED TV’s is very easy task we just have go through these simple points correctly and we solve many problems in our TV’s. Sometime there is major problems in tv that we doesn’t understand then we have to call the professional technician to solve the problem. Always remember we have to believe in ourselves and try our level best then the almighty help us.when you solve the problem of your TV’s with the help of these above points then go and watch your favourite shows with your family and friends. Thank you and have a nice day.

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Question:-what is the normal life for a LED tv.

A normal led tv have a life span of 5 to 7 years but you have to care for it and solve all the problems with or without the help of technician.

Question:-which brand is better in led tv?

Normally led tv of all brands are great but if you have go for a long lasting led tvs then you have go through brands like sony(bravia) samsung(oled tv) or google hd smart tv.

Question:-can a tv last upto 12 years?

TVs fail with age, just like anything else, but there are things you can do to make your new investment last longer. Manufacturers state that an LED TV’s lifespan can range from 4 to 10 years (40,000 to 100,000 hours), contingent on maintenance and use.

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