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In today’s world internet became very important part of our life.In this blog post, we’ll examine the wonders of fiber optics and see how this amazing technology keeps us linked.

Basics of Fiber Optics:

Light pulses that serve as data carriers are intended to travel through these fibers. Fiber optics utilizes the principle of total internal reflection to efficiently transport light through the fibers, in contrast to conventional copper cables that convey electrical impulses.

Hiw does fibre optics work

The function of light in data transmission:

Light is the main actor in the world of fiber optics. A succession of light pulses are created from the data that we send and receive over the internet. These pulses, which are also referred to as “bits,” stand in for the 0s and 1s of binary code, the computer language.

Maintaining a Strong Signal:

Multi-layered protection is built into the construction of fiber optic cables. An outside layer called the cladding has a lower refractive index than the core, which is where light passes.

Electromagnetic interference resistance:

Fiber optics’ tolerance to electromagnetic interference is one of its major advantages. That’s why fiber optics are the best option for long-distance communication and data transmission in noisy situations because of this property.


Fibre optics are one of the most important thing in the use of internet all around the world.As we continue going forward to the digital future this technology gave us freedom to reach one another in the speed of light and help us to connected. So friends next time when you use internet or make phone call to your family please appreciate optical fibre and please remember the father of optical fibre “Narinder Singh Kapany”. Always remember have patience and beleive in the almighty. Thank you and have a nice day.

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