PLAYSTATION PORTAL:New Remote Device(Launched Later this year for $199.99).

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Later this year, Sony will formally introduce its portable PlayStation, the PlayStation Portal remote player. The portable device has an eight-inch LCD screen running at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second and will stream PS5 games via Wi-Fi. According to Sony, the PlayStation Portal will be sold for $199.99 later this year.

PlayStation portal

PlayStation portal or Project Q:

It was formally revealed in May that the PlayStation Portal, formerly known as Project Q, will be released on that platform in November. PlayStation players will be able to purchase the PlayStation Portal at a price of $199.99 for the time being, however Sony has yet to specify a specific release date.

Playstation Portal Remote Player:

The PS5 experience is brought right to your fingertips with the PlayStation Portal remote player.According to Hideaki Nishino, executive vice president of platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, “PlayStation Portal can link remotely to your PS5 over Wi-Fi, so you’ll be able to instantly move from gaming on your PS5 to your PlayStation Portal.” “PlayStation Portal can use the Dualsense controller and play compatible games that have been installed on your PS5 console.”

Similar to Sony’s PS5 DualSense controllers, the PlayStation Portal has conspicuous controllers on each side. Playing PS5 games will feel similar to using a dedicated DualSense controller because they enable adjustable triggers and haptic feedback. Since the PlayStation Portal is mirroring your PS5, it features an area on the homescreen dedicated to playing media. However, since you won’t be able to run anything locally, you’re out of luck if you don’t have Wi-Fi.

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All About Playstation Portal Remote Player:

Unexpectedly, Sony’s planned cloud streaming for PS5 games will not support the $199.99 PlayStation portal Remote player. “Games that must be streamed on a PS5 using a Playstaion Plus Premium membership are not compatible,” claims Sony. The PlayStation Portal is essentially a mechanism for you to remotely play PS5 games that are already installed on your own PS5 on a handheld device. A minimum of 6 Mbps internet speed is required, and Sony advises 15 Mbps for the optimum experience.

Since the PlayStation Portal lacks Bluetooth, you cannot use it to pair with Bluetooth headphones or Sony’s Pulse 3D headset. Instead, it makes use of a new, exclusive wireless protocol for PlayStation devices called PlayStation Link. Sony is releasing a wireless headset and earbuds that support PlayStation Link, in addition to the low latency, lossless audio that PlayStation Link is intended to give.

The new headphones or earbuds can be connected to a PS5 through a USB adaptor, but given that a PS5 “Slim” is allegedly in the works, it’s not hard to assume that PlayStation Link will be included into further PS5 models. Third-party manufacturers will also be able to utilise the PlayStation Link standard. The PlayStation Portal is fortunate to also include a 3.5mm headphone connector for connected audio.

PlayStation Portal’s battery size hasn’t been finalized yet, so we still don’t know how long this handheld will run. CNET says Sony is targeting something similar to the DualSense battery life, so around seven to nine hours.

New Launches:

The Pulse Elite wireless headset and the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds are two further audio products that Sony is releasing concurrently. Low-latency, high-quality audio is provided through a new technology called PlayStation Link in these devices. The Pulse Elite headset provides noise reduction, retractable boom audio, and lossless audio. With two microphones and noise reduction, the Pulse Explore earbuds deliver an exceptional portable music experience.


For gamers in homes where they might have to share a TV in the living room or just wish to play PS5 games in another room of the house, the PlayStation Portal is the ideal solution. You may quickly go from playing on your PS5 to your PlayStation Portal since PlayStation Portal will connect to your PS5 remotely over Wi-Fi.

Our electrosider team reviewed the Playstaion portal Remote Player device when it first came out and provided a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to operate it and what the various components were. Stay tuned, then.

How to pre- order Playstaion portal Remote Player?

In the coming weeks, PlayStation fans will have the option of pre-ordering through the PlayStation Direct store. Although the company hasn’t formally begun taking pre-orders for the product, they will soon do so now that PlayStation has given it an official release date.

what is the cost and features of Playstaion portal ?

You will need to pay $199.99 for gateway. Playing on a PS5 console should be comparable to using the gadget. Similar to PlayStation’s DualSense controllers, it incorporates adjustable triggers and haptic feedback. It also has an 8-inch LCD screen that can display 1080p quality at 60 frames per second.

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