Logitech keyboard not working|How To Fix in USA In 2023|

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Hi Friends, electrosider back again to solve the problems.You know that Despite the reputation that Logitech keyboards have for stability and performance, they occasionally experience issues with technology. Whether you own a wired or wireless Logitech keyboard, in this post we’ll examine the fixes for typical problems that customers may have. To ensure you have a complete arsenal for troubleshooting, we’ll address issues that are both related to software and hardware as well as wired and wireless keyboards.

Logitech keyboard not working|how to fix

First Check for Simple Problems:

Proper Connection:

Make sure your computer’s USB port where your wired keyboard should be connected in is open. If the keyboard isn’t working in the present USB port, see if there’s another one available on your computer. A USB receiver must be connected in if using a wireless keyboard. There should be a tiny Logitech logo on it.

Changing the batteries in wireless keyboards:

Replace the batteries in your wireless Logitech keyboard if you notice it isn’t responding. Replace the worn-out batteries with new ones by opening the battery chamber on the back of the keyboard. Keep in mind to use the proper combination (+ and -).

Reboot Your Computer:

Use the Windows Start button (or the Apple menu on a Mac) to restart your computer by clicking on it and choosing “Restart.” Any transient faults causing the keyboard issue may be resolved by doing this.

Check for Physical Damage:

Check your keyboard for physical harm, such as spills or impacts. If there is any damage, it may need to be professionally repaired or replaced.

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software Problems In Logitech keyboards & Solution:

1. Driver Updates:

Drivers act as interpreters between your computer and keyboard. Drivers that are out of date or incompatible can cause problems.

How To Fix:

  • Visit the “Support” or “Downloads” area of the Logitech website (logitech.com).
  • Find the most recent drivers for your operating system (Windows or macOS) by searching for your keyboard model.
  • To update the drivers for your keyboard, closely adhere to the installation instructions.
  • After installing the new drivers, restart your computer to make sure they take action.

2.Keys that don’t respond:

Over time, dirt or dust buildup beneath the keys may cause them to stick or improperly register.

How To Fix:

  • Turn off your computer.
  • Use a flat object, such as a butter knife, to delicately remove the non-working keycap. To protect the key and the keyboard, be gentle.
  • Use pressurized air or a fluffy brush to clean the area around the keycap and below it.
  • Press the keycap firmly back into place to reattach it.
  • Now turn on your computer.

3.incorrect keyboard layout or language:

Incorrect keyboard configurations might cause keys to behave unexpectedly or cause incorrect characters to be typed.

How To Fix:

On Windows:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Time & Language” > “Language.”
  • Choose the language you want by clicking on “Preferred languages.”
  • Verify that the appropriate keyboard layout is chosen under “Preferred languages.”

On MacOS:

  • Go To “System Preferences” and select “Keyboard” > “Input Sources.”
  • Add the appropriate language and keyboard layout, then make it the default.

Conflicts in Software:

Your keyboard’s operation can occasionally be interrupted by the installation of new software.

How To Fix:

  • To find the negligent software, remove each recently installed program one at a time:
  • Uninstall the suspect software by going to “Control Panel” > “Programs” > “Programs and Features” on Windows.
  • Move the suspicious applications to the Trash by selecting “Applications” on macOS.
  • Restart your computer after each uninstallation to see if the keyboard problem has been fixed.
  • If the problem is fixed after removing a particular program, you might wish to look for a replacement or seek help from the software’s support team.

Scan for malware:

Keyboard functionality can be affected by malicious software.

How To Fix:

  • Use dependable antivirus or anti-malware software to do a complete system check. Ensure that your security software is latest.
  • Delete any risks or viruses found during the scan.
  • Restart your computer after eradicating malware to see if your Logitech keyboard is operating properly.

Hardware Issues In Logitech keyboard & Its solution

1.Cleaning Your Keyboard:

When dirt, crumbs, and dust build up underneath your keyboard’s keys over time, the keys may become inaccessible or behave erratically. Functionality can be recovered with cleaning.

How To Fix:

  • If your Logitech keyboard is wired then unplug it and If Logitech keyboard is wireless then turned it off.
  • Clear the space between the keys of dust and debris by using a can of compressed air. In order to stop moisture from leaking, hold the can upright.
  • Keycaps can be carefully removed with a flat instrument, such as a plastic spudger or a keycap remover, for a thorough clean. Take great care not to harm the keycaps or the underlying systems.
  • With a soft brush and a moist cloth dipped in a solution of water and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (70% or more), clean the keycaps and the exposed keyboard surface. Before reassembling the keycaps, make sure they are completely dry.

2.Broken or Stuck Keys:

Debris or wear and tear can cause keys to become stuck. Keys that are broken must be replaced.

How To Fix:

Stuck keys:

  • Utilizing a flat instrument, such as a butter knife or keycap puller, remove the keycap with care.
  • To clear any obstructions, clean the area beneath the keycap.
  • Gently press the keycap back into position to reattach it. Make sure the snap is solid.

Broken keys:

  • Replacement keycaps are typically available online for keys that have physical damage or are broken.
  • Remove the damaged keycap and replace it with the new one. Be gentle to protect the keyboard base and other keys from damage.

3.Damaged Cables (For Wired Keyboards):

Connectivity issues might be brought on by faulty or loose cables.

Gow To Fix:

  • Examine the cord that connects your computer to your wired Logitech keyboard. Examine the device for any obvious evidence of harm, such as frayed wires or bent connectors.
  • You must use a suitable USB cable to swap out the broken one.Make that the USB port on the computer and the keyboard are both properly connected with the cable.

4.Try It on a Different Computer:

It’s an excellent decision to test your Logitech keyboard on a different computer if you think it might have a hardware problem to see if the issue is particular to your present setup.

How To Fix:

  • Use a computer you have access to or borrow one from a friend or family member.
  • Check to check if your keyboard functions properly by connecting it to the second computer.
  • If the keyboard functions properly on another computer, it’s possible that something is wrong with the USB ports or configuration on your primary computer.

Wired Keyboard Problems and Solutions:

1.Keyboard Not Recognized:

Your wired Logitech keyboard plugs in, but your computer fails to acknowledge it.

How To Fix:

  • A different USB port on your computer that might work.
  • To rule out a broken USB port on your PC, try the keyboard on a different machine.
  • Inspect the USB connector on the keyboard for crooked or broken pins. If damaged, a new cable can be required.

2.Frequent Disconnects:

While using it, your keyboard will occasionally disconnect and rejoin.

How To Fix:

  • Make sure the USB cord is properly plugged in.
  • If the error
  • remains, try the keyboard on a different computer to see if it’s a keyboard or computer fault.
  • If the USB cable is broken, get a new one.

3.Keys Typing the Incorrect Characters:

Your wired keyboard’s keys occasionally type the wrong characters.

How to Fix:

  • Examine and modify your computer’s operating system’s keyboard layout settings to conform to the layout of your keyboard.

4.Keyboard Keys Sticking :

Your wired Logitech keyboard has some keys that cling or feel sticky when pressed.

How to Fix:

  • Making use of a flat tool or a keycap puller, carefully remove the stuck keycap.
  • Clean the keycap and its surrounding region.
  • Properly replace the keycap.

5.Backlight Not Working:

Your wired Logitech keyboard’s lighting isn’t operating as it should.

How To Fix:

  • See whether there is a special backlight on/off button or a function key (like F5 or F6) that can be used to change the backlight’s brightness. Make sure it is on.
  • Through the Logitech website, download and install any necessary backlight control firmware.
  • If the problem continues then contact Logitech support team.

Wireless Keyboard Problems and Solutions:

1.No Response After Battery Change:

Your wireless Logitech keyboard is still inoperative even after fresh batteries have been installed.

How To Fix:

  • Verify that the batteries are properly inserted and have the proper polarity (+ and -).
  • If there is an On/Off button on the keyboard, ensure sure it is turned to the “On” setting.

2.Keyboard sluggishness or delayed reaction:

When you type, your wireless keyboard replies slowly or after a wait.

How To Fix:

  • Check that the USB port the wireless receiver is plugged into is not too far from the keyboard.
  • Move away from other wireless equipment, such as routers, cordless phones, or other electrical gadgets, to reduce interference.
  • Make sure that nothing is in the way of the receiver’s and the keyboard’s line of contact.

3.Keyboard Not Pairing with Receiver:

The USB receiver and your wireless keyboard are unable to pair.

How To Fix:

  • To begin connection, press and hold the reset switches on the keyboard and the receiver.
  • The user handbook for your keyboard should be consulted for detailed pairing instructions.

4.Bluetooth Connection Issues:

Bluetooth connected to your wireless Logitech keyboard, however the connection is poor.

How To Fix:

  • Determine that your keyboard is in pairing mode (which is typically accomplished by clicking a designated button or holding down a specified key combination).
  • If any Bluetooth devices are close by and generating interference, relocate them farther away.
  • By navigating to the Bluetooth settings, deleting the previous pairing, and then pairing it again, you can re-pair the keyboard with your computer.

5.Having keyboard issues after a system update:

After a computer system upgrade, your wireless keyboard stops functioning.

How To Fix:

  • Verify that your Logitech keyboard has the most recent operating system compatibility drivers or firmware.
  • You might have to wait for Logitech to release a compatibility update when there are no fixes ready.

We will undoubtedly provide you with problem-solving advice and techniques in the following blogs when you use Logitech keyboards in your day-to-day activities.Stay tuned and feel free to comment if you have any problem.


You may properly resolve and correct a variety of Logitech keyboard difficulties by paying attention to extra problems and potential solutions while implementing these thorough methods. Always use caution and patience when working with hardware, and if the problem continues or you need further help, contact Logitech’s customer care or official support sites. In little time at all, your keyboard should be operating normally again! THANK YOU.


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Some keys on my Logitech keyboard are not responding. Can I fix this without replacing the keyboard?

Using software programs like “KeyTweak” for Windows or “Karabiner-Elements” for macOS, you can attempt changing uncooperative keys. You can give broken keys varied purposes using these tools. It is a piece of software that can assist in preventing the need for a replacement.

My wireless Logitech keyboard lost its connection. How do I reconnect it?

Find the reset buttons on both the keyboard and the receiver to re-establish the connection between a wireless Logitech keyboard and its USB receiver. When you press both of these buttons at once, the keyboard should reconnect. For detailed directions, consult the user manual that came with your keyboard.

Is there a warranty for my Logitech keyboard, and how can I get it serviced if it’s still under warranty?

Normally, Logitech keyboards have a warranty. Visit the Logitech website and adhere to their support and warranty service guidelines to verify the status of your keyboard’s warranty and start a warranty claim. Make sure you have your receipt for the sale on hand.

What should I do if my Logitech keyboard is not recognized by my computer after a Windows or macOS update?

It’s possible that drivers become old or incompatible following a significant system update. To ensure that your keyboard is running at its optimal performance with the most recent operating system, download and install the most recent drivers and software for your keyboard model from the Logitech website.

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