How to Repair Trident in Minecraft[with & without another trident]In a new method.

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Although I enjoy playing Minecraft a lot, there are several game aspects that I have no idea about.For instance, in Minecraft Survival Mode, finding or crafting a trident takes a very long time because it requires numerous materials and a lot of grinding.So it’s unfortunate when that trident breaks. But how can it be fixed?I’ll share with you an updated method on how to repair a trident in Minecraft with and without another trident using the platform electrosider.Therefore, grab your snorkel, and let’s get started!

How to repair trident with and without another trident

Understanding the Power of the Trident:

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the greatness of the mighty trident before starting repairs. The trident is a unique weapon that combines a boomerang and a javelin to blast annoying aquatic hordes and even summon the might of Thor during thunderstorms! To keep your underwater hegemony, you must keep your trident in good condition.

Can you repair a trident?

In Minecraft, a trident can be repaired, however the procedure is a little challenging.Using specific game blocks, it is possible to repair some weapons, armor, and equipment in Minecraft.Whether you use the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Java Edition, or Minecraft Pocket Edition, you may repair a trident. But in Minecraft, how do you repair a trident?

Part 1: Repairing with a Trident:

The Power of Loyalty:

Finding another trident may seem difficult at first, but you’d be amazed at how eager Drowned and Guardians are to offer a hand (or, more specifically, a fin). Set the broken trident in your possession and get ready for a journey to the ocean’s depths. There is a chance that a Drowned or Guardian you defeat will lose their trident. Your chances of receiving a perfect trident increase with the level of the Loyalty enchantment.

Mind Your Anvils:

It’s time to return to your anvil once you have a spare trident in your possession. In the left slot, place the broken trident, and in the right, the additional trident. Voila! Your trident has recovered and is prepared to cause trouble once more. Just keep in mind that repairing a damaged trident will cost more experience points the more damage it has sustained.

A crafting table:

A single mended trident will be created if you place two tridents on a crafting table. The drawback, which you might not enjoy, is that your trident will lose all of its magical properties.

A grindstone:

The grindstone is a block that you can use to fix weapons and other items, but just like with the crafting table, tridents that are fixed on a grindstone lose their enchantments.

Enchantment Preservation:

Any enchantments on the sacrificed trident will be lost if you use this technique, so keep that in mind. Therefore, think about whether the enchantments are worth surrendering for the repair before you do it. You wouldn’t want to say goodbye to your loved Riptide III, after all!


Part 2: Repairing without a trident:

Unbreaking Enchantment:

You’re lost in the middle of nowhere, and there aren’t any tridents nearby. Be at ease! It’s the Unbreaking enchantment that will save you. When used on your trident, it makes it more sturdy and significantly lowers the likelihood that it would break. You won’t need to constantly search for replacements if you keep your trident in good condition.

Mending Magic:

Ah, the miracles of mending! This enchantment will automatically restore your trident using the experience points you obtain. Keep your experience points filled up by taking part in diverse activities, such as mining, farming, or mob combat, to make the most of this enchantment. Keep in mind that your trident’s best buddy are experience points.

Using a Grindstone:

Your trident could occasionally be too broken for the anvil to fix. Do not be afraid; the grindstone is here to assist! You can recover experience points back by removing enchantments from your trident by using the grindstone. Make intelligent decisions on which enchantments to preserve and which to remove.

Can You Fix a Trident in Minecraft With Prismarine Crystals?

No, utilizing Prismarine Crystals won’t help you mend a broken trident in Minecraft.Some gamers posted this proposal in the official Minecraft Feedback thread, however as you could expect, it wasn’t carried out.In Minecraft Bedrock, Java, or Pocket Edition 2023, a trident may only be repaired using another trident or the Mending enchantment.

Part 3: Maintenance Tips for Future Adventures:

A trident that has been repaired is like a brand-new ship that is ready to cruise the seven seas, but proper care is necessary for it to last. We’ll provide some professional advice on how to maintain the condition of your trident for all of your upcoming underwater explorations.

Avoid Excessive Durability Use:

Although it may be tempting, try to reserve the usage of your trident for weaker enemies or when not essential. Keep its toughness for confrontations that will be more difficult.

Repair Before It’s Too Late:

Keep an eye on the durability bar of your trident. As soon as it begins to show indications of loss, fix it right away to avoid it breaking at a vital time.

Enchantments Care:

Your trident can gain extraordinary powers from enchantments, but they also have a price. Keep an eye on how much durability they require, and if necessary, carry a second trident with fewer enchantments for everyday use.

Unbreaking Enchantment:

If you frequently use a trident, you might want to add the Unbreaking enchantment to increase its durability. This will lessen the possibility of it breaking during fierce combat.


Thanks to your hard work and skill, Minecrafters, you have successfully repaired the trident.wheather you choose with and without the help of a clone trident but now your trident is ready to take the challenge of your enemy. Remember In Minecraft, a well-kept trident will become your most dependable aquatic friend.Remember, your trident will be as good as new with a little imagination and innovation, so don’t allow a few scratches get you down. Have fun crafting!


Question:-Is there any way to repair trident?

Yes, there are two way you should repair your trident with the help of a trident and another is with Enchantment or with out the help of trident.

Question:-How rare is a trident?

They come as a very uncommon drop from Drowned and cannot be made. In Bedrock Edition, Drowned have a 15% chance of spawning with a trident (6.25% in Java Edition), and when they die, they have an 8.5% chance of leaving their trident behind as an item.

Question:- Is trident a good weapon in Minecraft?

yes trident is one of the most powerful and very rare weapon in Minecraft.

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