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GoPro Hero 12 Black just released in USA.GoPro, which is renowned for maintaining a rigid product launch schedule, has been providing excellent action cameras year after year, with each new model arriving on store shelves in time for Black Friday.The GoPro Hero 12 is the ideal companion for explorers and video producers. It redefines what we can expect from an action camera with its ground-breaking 4K video quality, better image stabilization, and improved low-light performance.

It’s time to get ready for the adrenaline journey that will accompany the newest member of the HERO line as anticipation for the HERO 12 increases.

On September 13, 2023, The Hero12 Black will be available for purchase. The GoPro Hero12 Black costs $399.99 for the camera alone, which is $100 cheaper than the Hero11 Black’s original MSRP (though you could receive a $100 discount if you signed up for the company’s cloud service). For $599.99, the Hero12 Black is also available in a “Creators Edition” package that comes with a number of extras, including a microphone attachment, an LED light kit, and a battery grip/tripod control.

GoPro Hero 12 Black Review
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Understanding GoPro Cameras:

GoPro cameras are well known for their small size, robust construction, and superb image quality. These adaptable gadgets have won over the hearts of content creators, vloggers, and adventure and sports enthusiasts all around the world. The current GoPro camera lineup includes a variety of models, each with special characteristics designed to fit different shooting situations.

The Newly Released GoPro Hero 12 is available in 2 Models That are:
1.GoPro Hero 12 Black
2. GoPro Hero 12 Black creator edition

Most Honest Review Of GoPro Hero 12

1.GoPro Hero 12 Black:

With the highly anticipated GoPro HERO 12, action camera fans are preparing to advance their adventure photography.

GoPro Hero 12 Black

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2.GoPro Hero 12 Black creator edition:

GoPro Hero Black is also available in a “Creators Edition” package that comes with a number of extras, including a microphone attachment, an LED light kit, and a battery grip/tripod control.

GoPro Hero 12 Black creator edition

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Stunning 8K video can be recorded at 60 frames per second, while stunning 240 frames per second may be achieved with 4K content.

The HERO 12 doesn’t let down fans of slow-motion scenes by delivering Full HD shooting at 480 frames per second.

A more honed Hypersmooth, a pillar of GoPro’s reputation, also gets an improvement.

And the HERO 12 promises to shine with significantly better lowlight performance for those adventures enthusiastic into the dusk or other low-light situations.

A full edge-to-edge display will be available on the GoPro Hero 12, making it simpler for users to compose their photographs.

The newest and greatest GoPro—HERO12 Black—combines outstanding image quality, even improved HyperSmooth video stabilization, and a significant increase in battery life. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is added to best-in-class 5.3K footage to record once-in-a-lifetime excursions and extraordinary everyday moments in even more clarity. It provides two times longer continuous recording at 5.3K60 (70 minutes) because to its better power management.


Built-in Bluetooth 4.1 LE, GPS, and 802.11b/g ensure seamless mobile internet connectivity so you can share your activities with the world in real time.

You can now conduct interviews and create content using your Apple earphones, Bluetooth earbuds, and other wireless microphones.Additionally, you may provide voice instructions from a distance and receive video alerts.

increased stability:

Even in the most difficult environments, your shots will remain steady and smooth thanks to HyperSmooth 6.0 technology, the most recent in GoPro’s range of image stabilization.

Hero 12 Black uses video stabilization and hypersmooth 6.0 to automatically ensure that you receive the widest shot possible based on your movement and speed in the scene.

Hypersmooth 6.0 includes a built-in horizon lock feature.Therefore, when your camera rotates 360 degrees, it is simpler than ever to maintain a stable and uniform horizon.

Image Quality:

The Type 1/1.9 (6.3 x 5.5mm) CMOS sensor with an 8:7 aspect ratio used by the GoPro Hero12 Black was first launched with the Hero11. By simply cropping in-camera to the appropriate aspect ratio, this sensor enables multi-aspect ratio video and stills. The Hero12 Black now supports the vertical aspect ratio at 9:16 in addition to widescreen 16:9, 4:3, and “full-frame” 8:7 aspect ratio capture. This is perfect for posting to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Without actually tilting the camera vertically, you can record up to 4K video in a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio.

Video Quality:

The Hero12 Black offers a variety of resolutions, frame rates, and quality settings, which is likely why the majority of people purchase a GoPro to capture video. In most aspect ratios, it offers the same video capabilities as the previous model, including 5.3K video at up to 60p and 4K at up to 120p. 4K video is limited to 60p while using the full-frame 8:7 aspect ratio, while 5.3K video is capped at 30p. 2.7K video in 16:9 and 4:3 at up to 240p and Full HD at up to 240p are further options.

HDR Option:

‘HDR video, in both 5.3K and 4K formats for video’ is another noteworthy new feature. To be clear, this is not genuine HDR, which use a PQ or HLG curve to present a wide dynamic range in a natural-looking manner on an HDR display, but rather ‘HDR’ in the sense of collecting a broader dynamic range and tone-mapping it into the usual dynamic range area.


The GoPro Hero12 Black now includes GP-Log encoding for creators who want the most control over the image quality of their video. The new GP-Log option enables experienced users to record footage with a broader dynamic range in addition to HDR video’s enhanced dynamic range capabilities. This allows for finer control of tonal alterations and color grading during post-production. The Hero12 Black also offers 10-bit video, which may be used in conjunction with GP-Log for the best picture excellent results in post-production.

Performance in Low light:

The GoPro Hero12 Black’s small sensor can suffer in extremely low light, as our team had anticipated. For a sensor of this size, the camera’s maximum ISO settings for photographs and videos are 3200 and 6400, respectively. JPEGs exhibit very apparent noise and noise reduction processing as ISO increases, notably between ISO 1600 and 3200. Despite being noisy, ISO 3200 raw photo files display excellent levels of fine detail for this sensor size.

other Important Features:

Digital lenses:

The GoPro Hero12 Black, like earlier GoPro Hero models, has a number of built-in digital lenses that let you customize the appearance and immersive quality of your movie. The Hero12 Black offers a variety of lenses, including a “Wide” fisheye-style lens, a “Linear” wide-angle view without the fisheye, a “ultra-wide” “SuperView” lens that extends a 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9, and an even wider “HyperView” lens that uses the full 8:7 aspect ratio extended into 16:9 for an even more significant perspective and captures more of the background.

The Wide Lens is the only lens available while shooting stills in Raw+JPEG mode and is the camera’s native default lens style. The other digital lenses, including Linear, SuperView, and HyperView, are ‘digital’ in that the images are resized to meet the bigger FOVs.

Design and Build Quality:

The Hero12 Black is made of durable polycarbonate plastic, and according to GoPro, it is completely waterproof on its own down to 10 meters (33 feet). This is an important boost over the first GoPro Hero cameras, which needed a separate casing to be waterproof. The camera has a great weight to it, but it isn’t massive because it just weighs 154g (5.4 oz.). It doesn’t have a plastic-like feeling at all and seems sturdy and well-built.

Both sides of the Hero12 Black have displays. A front-facing, 1.4″ full-color square LCD can be used to duplicate what is on the bigger rear display or to provide basic shooting information. The camera’s back, on the other hand, has a 2.27″ LCD touchscreen panel that virtually fills the space.

Only two physical buttons are present: a power button on the side and a top button that serves as both the shutter release and the start/stop button for videos.


The Hero12 Black can record up to 70 minutes of 5.3K 60p footage and up to 58 minutes of 4K 120p video, up to two times as long as the Hero11, according to GoPro. Even more than 90 minutes of 5.3K 30p video can be recorded if your card has the space.

GoPro claims that the Hero12 Black has a much longer runtime length despite applying the same sensor, GP2 image processing unit, and battery pack as the Hero11 thanks to increased battery management and processing efficiency.

Voice Controls and Wireless Audio:

Similar to the previous Hero11, the new Hero12 Black offers a variety of voice commands that let you operate different operations, like starting and stopping videos and capturing pictures, using only your voice. In quiet environments, voice instructions often functioned well. In our office, we had no trouble telling the GoPro to “take a picture” or “start recording.” It responded to my voice alone as well as when we spoke into a pair of Apple AirPods (more on that in a moment).When we utilized voice instructions outside, they had some trouble and we think it is manageable by speaking bit louder.

Max Lens Mod 2.0 lens:

You can go even wider with the new Max Lens Mod 2.0 attachment lens accessory (MSRP $99.99). In comparison to the first Max Lens Mod 1.0, this new lens is 48% taller and 36% broader in widescreen mode. With 4K 60p video, the Max Lens Mod 2.0 provides a 177-degree field of vision. Additionally, GoPro asserts that the lens is twice as scratch-resistant as the first generation.

There is no electrical connection between the Max Lens Mod 2.0 and the camera, which is worth knowing. The Max Lens Mod in the camera must be manually enabled. If not, your image will be warped and have a circular fisheye appearance.

Comparisons with Previous Model:

It would be difficult to distinguish between the recently unveiled GoPro Hero12 Black action camera and the Hero11 Black, which it replaced. With the exception of the new logo, the new Hero12 Black resembles the Hero11 Black physically. The Hero12 Black maintains the same general aesthetic that was first seen on the Hero8 several years back.

Key upgradation:

Even though the Hero12 Black has the same imaging capabilities as its predecessor, GoPro claims it was able to increase power efficiency, giving it twice the runtime, better image stabilization, and more video recording choices, including ‘HDR’ video, GP-Log, and dedicated vertical video aspect ratio support.

Along with a number of Night Effects shooting modes from the Hero11, the Hero12 Black additionally offers Light Painting, Vehicle Light Trails, and Star Trails. Additionally, there is a Night Photo option that allows shutter speed lengths of up to 30 seconds and functions similarly to a long exposure mode.

Overview of GoPro Quik App:

The Quik app by GoPro is a flexible mobile program that works with both iOS and Android devices. It can be used with video from various sources, but it is primarily intended for GoPro camera owners. The major objective of the Quik app is to make editing and sharing of your movies and photographs more efficient, enabling users to produce engaging content on the go.

GoPro's quik app

Key features of quik app:

  • The Quik app’s capacity to automatically produce compelling video edits from your footage is one of its most noteworthy capabilities. To make a dynamic video montage, the program analyzes your films and chooses the most exciting moments, cuts them, and syncs them with music. Users who wish to swiftly share the highlights of their experiences without spending hours in post-production will find this automated editing feature to be of special utility.
  • You can access your media instantly with the Quik app thanks to seamless integration with your GoPro camera or the GoPro cloud. This implies that you can use your mobile device to import video from your camera without a computer. The software also allows you to view and control your media library.
  • You can use the royalty-free audio tracks provided by Quik to improve your videos. Finding the ideal soundtrack for your content is simple thanks to the tracks’ mood and genre classifications. You can also add songs from the library on your device.
  • You can choose to change the speed of your video, giving you the ability to produce eye-catching slow-motion or fast-motion effects. Your videos will have a dynamic element thanks to this feature, which also lets you highlight particular moments.
  • Once you’re satisfied with how your video has been edited, the Quik app makes it simple to share it with your friends and followers on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. The video can be downloaded to your device as well for offline viewing.

Our Suggestion:

The GoPro Hero12 Black and its Hero11 Black predecessor have a lot of similarities. Many of the video modes, digital lenses, and selectable aspect ratios are interchangeable because both cameras share the same sensor and processor. If GPS functionality is crucial to you, keep in mind that GoPro has eliminated it from the Hero12 Black. The Hero12 Black, on the other hand, comes with a number of upgrades and additional features, including as a built-in 1/4-20 mounting thread, wireless audio compatibility, GP-Log encoding, timecode, and a native 9:16 vertical video aspect ratio. Honestly we suggest that its depend on your budget that you should go for any of the above between two according to your budget.

If you’re wondering why you should choose a GoPro Hero12 Black over a smartphone, read on. Since both are capable of recording high-resolution movies, are good vlogging cameras, and many contemporary smartphones have outstanding video image stabilization, they are both very portable. Compared to my tiny and frequently slippery smartphone, the GoPro is considerably easier to hold and gives significantly more variety and filming alternatives for us. Because of its small size and greater sense of durability, the GoPro can be placed almost everywhere. The GoPro seems like a wonderful option for documenting your activities, especially if you’re looking for a specialized video camera.


The GoPro Hero12 Black seems like the company’s most potent, most sophisticated Hero camera to date. The GoPro Hero12 Black offers exceptional video quality and lots of flexibility to trim and create the look you desire from your action film with its 5.3K video using the full 8:7 aspect ratio sensor.But there are several issues with the Hero12 Black. You should be aware that the new model does not have the GPS module that was present in the older model if you value that feature.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take into account the membership service if you’re serious about integrating a GoPro camera into your creative process. It’s a way to acquire unlimited cloud storage and auto-backups for $24.99 for the first year (and $49.99 every year after that). THANK YOU.


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